Love Songs

by The Good Wife

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released February 14, 2014

1,2,4 and 8 were recorded in 2010
the others were recorded in 2011

full disclosure: these songs are not mastered.

photo: Christine Voge
engineering (not production) by Neil Kennedy at The Ranch Production House (

Kunal Nandi
Richard Levene

TGW involved the following individuals, some of whom stuck around longer than others, but there is affection for all and each regardless:

Emile Bojesen
Dan Hunt
Clive Henry
Nick Sharp
Russ Vaughan
Tom Winter



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The Good Wife Southampton, UK

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Track Name: Most Girls are Potato
If most girls are potato
You’d be cookie dough
You’ve gotta be the best that I’ve ever known

Now all we need is a next level sunset
And couple of beers
I never knew it’d be this easy
To make a movie romance appear

And I’ve made up my mind
We’re getting married at dawn
I don’t care about your boyfriend
I’m probably bigger than him

Love on the first night
But I’m getting kinda tired
I guess it’s time for me
To catch my train
Track Name: Commenting
This is a sad song
It’s gotta be a sad song
But sad songs are so boring
I guess this’ll be boring too

I’m lost
My friends have balked
I can’t make out my surroundings
I’m either too fucked up
Or I’ve lost my emotional capacity
And what’s worse
I barely even give a fuck
I’m just commenting

Where’s my pretty girl?
Where’s my home?
Where’s my range rover?
And where’s my throne?

We’re the shit
We’re the shame
We’re the scum, huh?
And we’re to blame.
Track Name: Solitaries
It was probably the summer of '91
When you disappeared for good and ended our love
I know it’s crazy to be thinking about this now
But I guess if I’m singing about love I’d be stupid to leave this out

Don’t think it’s over
Don’t think I’m going to forget you
I was only five years old
But god knows
If anything was love
Ours was

Those pictures of us kissing
Are more honest than anything since
I remember us sitting on a swing
I put a flower in your hair
It really makes you think…

Was it your mother or your father who used to hit you
I don’t remember but I bet you do
Now I’m big and strong
I wish I could go back there and take you away in my arms
Track Name: An Unsuccessful Husband (The Maids I)
Now the games played and done
Now there’s just the stink of off milk
And the milkman’s cum

It lingers in your hair
And sits on your skin
I can try to scrape it off
But it’s on me more

Imagination’s the greatest whore

I can smell it on you
I can smell me on you
And it’s a bad smell
You’re my bad smell

Every time he comes around
With a different name and face
I can always tell its him
(I can smell on you its him)
it’s the way he knocks
because it’s the way I knock

we’re so shut up and lying together
you’ve never heard me knock
because our loves a slaves love
and ‘when slaves love
its not love’

I can smell it on you
I can smell me on you
And it’s a bad smell
You’re my bad smell

And now I’m climbing out
Through the bathroom window light
Track Name: Happy Vultures
‘Now I think of the correct simile for the Alexandrians. When they make love it’s like two people in a dark room slashing at each other with razors – to make each other feel - ?’ - Lawrence Durrell to Henry Miller

How, how you do it
It doesn’t matter if you joke it
So easy to make it the fact
And it’s easy
To think that that’s it

And when you’re gone it’ll be the same
But when you’re alive
At least there’s someone to blame
You take a bit of love
To feed your belly
A steady meal
To keep you fat and happy

You’re my faith and you’re my vulture
Hurt me close
Gotta love a bit of psychic rape

And I’m sorry when I give you a hard time
I guess I just cant help feeling lonely
I can’t help feeling like prey
Track Name: She Who Would Valiant Be (The Maids II and III)
We’re as thick as thieves from our way on in
Drunk on the angel Gabriel’s laudanum
Our girls do tricks and balance on their heads
Handstands stretch and contort their way across our laps

The clock’s our conscience so we turn it back
And seal all the doors with white candle wax

I can wait it out
And play the maid
While I have to
Pay / for my keep
But I’ve got the
Key and no ends
To meet that i
Can’t walk away
From whenever
I need

‘I put the question to all my friends
are you ready to die this instant?
I am ready… but I’m also ready
To live for another hundred thousand years
Isn’t that the same thing?’ (Blaise Cendrars)
Track Name: Love Pig
‘you really have to eat the other’ - Jacques Derrida

What if I hadn’t heard of love?
Could I have fallen in love?
What if I’d have shut my ears
Or been a cynic from the start?

Maybe I was
Maybe I am
Maybe it’s wrong to think that I have
And I can
(But somehow I’m not smart enough
To unthink this leechy bug)

Surely there are better things for me to do
Than get upset at seeing pictures of you (or you or you or you)
So why waste my time?
Surely the evolutionary drive
Should clear
My mind.

Or maybe it’s a muteness of the world
Which only the magic mirrors of Circe could have cured.

Either way I’m happy to be a fool
In another fools company
So baby, be a fool for me.

Love pig
You don’t stink
Let’s go to the trough and grab a drink
Cos I hear you can eat me whole
Chew through my muscle and my bone
Track Name: Vaz Dias (The Maids IV)
Empowered in shade and shame
By the black and white of uniform
I squat and spit polish her shoes in secret
A stove as an altar and a self laid aside
But a maids not a maid
When she puts out the light

Under tables and chairs
My mop reaches everywhere
When her stage is set
I disappear

‘we are beautiful, joyous, drunk and free’ (Jean Genet)

inherent black satin vehemence
and a blank slate of conscience